Our Allies

                                                       Part-Time Faculty Organizations

Ohio Part-Time Faculty Association:  optfa.com

New Faculty Majority:  http://www.newfacultymajority.info/

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor:   http://cocalinternational.org/


AFSCME Local 153 (Statement issued by the local representing Kent State’s Service & Maintenance Union    http://afscmelocal153.com/)
Statement of Support:  Here at AFSCME Local 153 we support any and all attempts for employees of Kent State to better themselves through the resources that a union can provide. Our Union is here to assist in any way with support for your union.
In Solidarity,
Dave Schuckert
AFSCME Local 153
Kent State University

American Association of University Professorshttps://www.aaup.org/about-aaup

Steelworkers Adjunct Faculty Association:  http://www.afa-usw.org/


                                                           Kent State Student Groups

United Students Against Sweatshops:kent.edu/csi/student-organizations/united-students-against-sweatshops

Kent State United Students Against Sweatshops values the work of our adjunct faculty. We believe when their labor is exploited student learning suffers. Through fair pay and fair working conditions for part-time faculty we believe Kent State can provide quality education. We will join part-time faculty in their fight.  from United Students Against Sweatshops  https://www.facebook.com/kentstateUSAS27/

Kent Socialist Collective  https://www.facebook.com/KentStateSocialistCollective/
Statement of Support: The Kent Socialist Collective values the hard work of our part-time faculty at Kent State University and believes that all workers deserve a living wage. We stand in solidarity with the Kent Part-Time Faculty in their efforts to improve the working conditions for these employees.

                                                         Campus Faculty Groups

                                                            Community Groups